Greatest Veterinarian Review of Loyal Paws Cremation

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loyal paws cremation received an amazing review / testimonial



We are not the type to toot our own horn, but it doesn’t get any better than the following Veterinarian Review we think is among the Greatest endorsement of Loyal Paws Cremation that any pet crematory could aspire to achieve. This is amazing and worth your consideration, especially if you are a Veterinarian located in Michigan and want to know the difference between pet crematory choices available to service your pet owner clients.  Here is a letter we received from a Veterinary Clinic, Advanced Animal Emergency, based in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Greatest Veterinarian Review of Loyal Paws Cremation


To My Fellow Veterinary Colleagues, Office Managers, & Concerned Team-Members of Our Profession,

I write this letter on behalf of Loyal Paws Cremation, the pet aftercare/cremation service I have had the good fortune of working with for well over a year now at Advanced Animal Emergency.  AAE is a 24/7 ER-CCU facility in east Macomb County, Michigan. 

Since 2009, I have practiced in a variety of emergency & critical care practices, held teaching and clinical positions at Wayne State University, and have also done relief work for more than 50 primary veterinary care facilities.  Since 2014, I have been an owner at AAE, and it has rapidly grown into far and away the highest volume of any of the practices with whom I have had the honor of sharing my career.  In that time, and across all these different veterinary situations, I have known and experienced very few more caring, responsible, and undauntingly professional teams like those who operate and work at Loyal Paws.  Please allow me a further moment to detail how Loyal Paws has won our patronage, our hearts, and the trust of our clients.

loyal paws cremation received an amazing review / testimonialFrom a business perspective, AAE’s management ethos relies on three main qualitative items in forming high-caliber, long-term relationships: ethics, acumen, and intuition.  Given just a few minutes, Ben Riggan and John Cream of Loyal Paws easily checked all of these boxes.  It is just as important to note, though, that their value quantitatively is maybe even more impressive.

For the clients, Loyal Paw’s competitive prices make it much more possible for families to have the consolement of saying goodbye, having their friend’s individual remains to spread or to keep.  For the hospital, it makes facilitating those partings less stressful and financially straining, as well as bestowing complete confidence Loyal Paw’s level of care, which I would put up, end-to-end, with nothing but the foremost performers in their league.  Of course, there are plenty of inexpensive cremation outfits that operate under the idea that the maximal end-product delivered the client may excuse more or less expedient means of transporting, holding, and handling of this sacred business.

Loyal Paws, however, affords the best of both of these–There is a lot of comfort to be found in knowing a passed family member was tended to reverentially.

To be perfectly frank, I am not in the habit of writing letters for the majority of my vendors, and can honestly say that this is the first time I have felt compelled to do so.  To my mind, though, Loyal Paws is a different matter entirely.  They are not performing a service that tolerates error, and it requires the utmost compassion, meticulousness, and respect to ease the burden already carried by our mourning clients.  Not just I, but the whole team at AAE, have been impressed enough to put in writing the extent to which we support their growth, and their journey as pioneers and leaders in their industry.

It is truly a privilege to deliver my/our full endorsement of Loyal Paws Cremation.  We truly believe they will impress you.  I thank you for your time!

Sincerely & Best,

Advanced Animal Emergency, Owner/Clinician

Cats Veterinary and Radio-Iodine, Owner

Macomb County Veterinary Association, President Elect

43731 Gratiot Avenue, Clinton Township, MI, 48036

Mobile: (517) 862-6854  Office: (586) 466-6133

Email: <>

Matthew J. Hynes, D.V.M.

We are grateful when we get feedback from our Veterinary Partners and always appreciate a comment or Veterinarian Review. Thank You Dr. Hynes for taking the time out to write this detailed and helpful Veterinarian Review / Testimonial for us.  If you are a Veterinary Clinic, here is an overview of our services for Veterinarians.  You are free to contact Ben Riggan for detailed information or call us as (248) 363-1594.

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