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Losing a pet is a very difficult process for many pet owners. But you don’t have to grieve all alone. This list of pet loss support and pet loss resources contains FREE Pet Loss Hotlines, some that are open 24/7 when you most need help.  Many of the pet loss support centers are located at the veterinary schools of large national universities.

Visit our Blog for many pet loss inspiration articles that may help you as well.  Your veterinarian may also be able to provide you with information to help you navigate the difficult process of grieving the death of a pet.

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List of Pet Loss Support Links and Free Pet Loss Support Hotlines

Please be sure to share this page with a friend or loved one who is grieving the loss of a pet. It doesn’t matter how big or small an animal companion may be, the loss may still be great for the pet parent.

The Link to this page is: Just copy the link and paste it in an email to your friend, post on their Facebook page, or tell them. We appreciate your comments and additions to our list if you have been helped by another resource.

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