Pet Cremation Options and Our Process.

1) Private Pet Cremation -- Individual Pet.

Loyal Paws offers private pet cremation for all size dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, small animals ~~ most every type of pet, based on weight. Individual cremation ensures that your pet is cremated separately and will not be co-mingled with other pets. The smallest animal companions can often capture the largest part of our heart and soul. From rabbits to guinea pigs, birds to hamsters and all the other wonderful tiny creatures, they build beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

All private cremations are conducted in a single chamber unit. This Guarantees that when your pet's ashes are returned to you, they are the complete ashes of your beloved pet. You will receive an Authenticated Certificate of Cremation, no matter how tiny your pet may be.

If you wish to be by their side, we offer you the very personal experience of having a private viewing of your pet's cremation. You will receive the cremated remains of your pet -- and only your pet.

We provide pickup from the Metro Detroit area veterinary clinics and we can pick up your beloved pet from your home for a reasonable fee.
Your pet’s cremated remains, or ashes, are returned to you in a complimentary Paw Pods urn.

2) Group Pet Cremation -- Communal Pet Cremation.

Group or Communal pet cremation for all size dogs, cats, birds, and other small pets. Every pet in our care is handled with dignity and respect. A communal cremation is performed by cremating several pets together and is suitable if you do not wish to have your pet’s cremains returned to you. If you elect communal cremation for your pet, their remains will be scattered by us in a respectful manner in one of our memorial or butterfly gardens.

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  • You may choose from a wide selection of pet urns, pet keepsakes and pet memorial jewelry designed to memorialize your pet.
  • A clay paw print impression is included with Private Pet Cremation. Clay paw prints are a beautiful and unique way to remember your pet.
  • Being locally owned and operated enables us to return your pet’s ashes within three days of arriving at our office

Pet Cremation Process.

1 – Call Us To Start the Process

You can choose to bring your pet to us during business hours. If your pet is presently at your Veterinarian Clinic we will make arrangements directly with them. You may call us directly to help you arrange for us to pick up your pet at your home.

2 – Select Cremation Plan

We'll help you select the best cremation plan based on your budget and pet memorial preferences.

Plans & Pricing

3 – Select Keepsake Products or Urn

All our Cremation Plans include a Complimentary Urn. You may wish to choose a different Urn or other Keepsake in honor of your pet's life.

4 – Pet is Returned to You

We take care of placing your pet's cremated remains in the Pet Urn of your choosing. Any other pet memorial product will be ready as scheduled.