Is It Really My Pet’s Ashes?

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Is it really my pet

When a pet passes away, will you know if your pet’s remains will be returned to you?

The biggest concern pet parents have is, “Is it really my pet’s ashes?” Pets become true family members for many people. The thought of a beloved pet being cremated is something pet parents avoid until absolutely necessary. Pet parents often want reassurance as though they are saying, “Make me feel comfortable with pet cremation.”

Pet owners want to know what the options are. We break it down for you in this article and the brief video below, in hopes it may help you before the day comes when you have to think about this.

What is Pet Cremation?

Is it really my pet’s ashes?

1) Private Pet Cremation

Losing a pet is hard. Will your actual pet be returned to you? You may have heard horror stories about ashes being “Co-Mingled”, or mixed together with other people’s pets. If this is a concern, then you definitely should choose Private Pet Cremation from a reputable pet crematory in your local area, if you are not in our service area (Michigan).

Private Pet Cremation means that your pet alone is placed in the cremation machine, called a retort. Therefore, only your pet’s ashes, are returned to you. Private Pet Cremation ensures you will receive only your pet’s cremains back to you.

Attended Private Cremation

Many pet cremation facilities allow families to be present in a private “viewing room” during the process. Some families want to know for sure their pet is being cared for as they should.

Reputable firms with a viewing room facility will accommodate you and your family. At our facility, you are welcome to be present for the private cremation of your beloved pet. There is no charge for this.

While attending the cremation, your family is allowed and encouraged to watch as much (or as little) of the cremation process. This service is scheduled in advance.

2) Partitioned Pet Cremation

Pet owners choose Partitioned Pet Cremation if they are budget-conscious. There is typically a partition dividing two animals inside the retort. With partitioned pet cremation, there is no guarantee that ashes won’t mix together during the process.

3) Group Pet Cremation (Communal)

Your pet will be co-mingled with other animals when Group Cremation is chosen. The cremation retort can contain many different types of animals who are cremated at the same time. Your pet will be mixed with other pets as there is no way to separate his or her remains from other animals.

Remember, select Private Pet Cremation from a reputable pet crematory if you want to be 100% assured your pet’s ashes are coming home.

Veterinarian Contracts With Pet Crematory

If your Veterinarian is handling the process for you, you can ask them to provide details about who they use. Each Veterinarian contracts with an outside pet crematory. You have the right to look up the reputation and reviews of the pet crematory your Veterinarian has under contract, because Veterinarians, themselves, are NOT in the business of pet cremation. They handle the process for you, in most cases.

Almost 100% of United States Vets outsource this service. You can go direct to the crematory if you wish, as most will pick up your animal from the Vet Clinic.

Certified Pet Crematory

Loyal Paws is a Certified Pet Loss Professionals Association Member (PLPA), which is a Division of the International Cemetery and Crematory Association, the governing body defining ethics and laws over cremation, cemeteries and the death care industry for both pets and people. To find out if your pet crematory is endorsed and properly licensed, contact these governing bodies.

We are located in Michigan and offer Pet Cremation Options and are a state-of-the-art pet cremation center who follows all regulations. We treat pets with care and dignity. No matter who you choose, remember you have the right to check them out so you know the answer to the most asked question, “Is it really my pet’s ashes?”

We hope you found this informative and would enjoy hearing a comment from you.

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