Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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Halloween pet safety tips

Halloween can be a spooky time for your pets. Here’s a few Halloween pet safety tips to keep even the calmest of dogs, cats, birds and other pets happier. Even the friendliest pets can get stressed at Halloween. The constant ringing of the doorbell, the scary costumes and the loud noises can rattle even the calmest of pets. 

Here are a few tips to help make this Halloween a good one for your pets.

6 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

 1. Place you pet in a separate room, or if he or she feels safe in a crate, give them with a Kong toy filled with peanut butter. Freezing the Kong toy will make it last longer. 

Bundle up and sit outside to hand out treats. Do not take your dog walking because the costumes humans wear can change the look and smell of a person. 

2. Do not react if you pet shows stress, that just reinforces the fear.

Let him/her know it is ok. Remember it is their nature to protect their home. Just say, “Thank you, I have this.”

3. Keep all candies out of the reach of your pet. 

Remember that chocolate, gum and xylitol are hazardous to all pets. Also watch And teach your children not to sneak a candy treat to their pets. Let them know it will hurt their dog, cat, bird or other pet. 

Happy Halloween

4. Outside decorations also can be scary and harmful to your pet. Also rotting pumpkins carry bacteria and can make your pet very sick. 

Indoor decorations are also a concern, potentially dangerous decorations include rubber eyeballs (choking risk), glow sticks and fake blood (possible poisons), fake cobwebs (can choke or entangle pets and wildlife), potpourri (toxic to birds) and strung lights. Watch out for those candy wrappers and plastic packaging too. 

Cats get very confused and frightened when things are moved around. Make a kitty haunted house out of an old box for him/her to hide in.

5. If you have a pet who gets highly stressed, there is a product call ADAPTIL ® found in most pet stores. It contains Dog Appeasing Pheromones that help keep your dog calm. 

6. Last but not least make sure your pet has ID tags or microchipped in case he/she does escape. 

Have fun and be pet safe!

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