5 Questions Before Choosing Pet Cremation

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5 Questions Before Choosing Pet Cremation


When a beloved dog, cat or family pet dies, most people are unprepared.  Will you bury in a pet casket, or choose pet cremation? Ask these 5 questions before choosing pet cremation before you leave your deceased pet at your Veterinarian office.  Veterinarians place trust in their chosen animal crematory.

Veterinarians Partner With One Pet Crematory

Most Veterinarians align themselves with one animal cremation business and in most cases, the crematory is reputable. News reports of unscrupulous animal crematories causes more vigilance on the part of consumers and Veterinarians. These reports diminish the value of the honest, caring and professional pet cremation centers who would never consider lying to a family about their dog or cat’s remains.  Pets are family members to many people and your last decision of their care and memory, is in your hands.

Ask these 5 Questions Before Choosing Pet Cremation

It’s okay to ask questions and learn more.  Feel free to ask your Veterinarian the following questions:
wil I get my pets ashes back

  1. Who is the pet crematory that you use?
    Look them up online. Are they “good” because they are the biggest? Not necessarily. Look at the experiences of other pet owners.
  2. Ask about their process.
    Find out exactly what happens from the time they pick up your pet until cremation, or interment is complete,” says Dr. Marty Becker, America’s Veterinarian
  3. Does your pet crematory perform private, individual pet cremation with no other animals in the retort?
    Can you guarantee the returned ashes are really my pet’s remains?  Some crematories, place one pet in the crematory at a time; others, use “partitions”, placed between animals in the chamber, whereby co-mingled “ashes” may occur. Know your options and their process.
  4. Is there a pet identification tracking system to guarantee my pet is secure?
    New electronic systems are being used by firms who treat the animal with the same care as a human.
  5. Can I view the cremation?
    Does the pet crematory allow you to view the process? (You may not choose this option, but can you visit the facility?)

Open a Conversation with your Veterinarian about Pet Cremation

Open a conversation with your veterinarian at your next visit. It will only be harder if you delay.  Ask these 5 questions before choosing pet cremation when leaving your pet in their trusted care.

Are all pet cremation centers the same?  Although most are reputable, not all pet crematoriums take the care your pet deserves. It pays to do a little research before your pet passes away. Then you’ll enjoy a higher degree of peace-of-mind knowing your pet’s ashes, or cremated remains, are returned home to you.

3 Comments on “5 Questions Before Choosing Pet Cremation”

  1. Thank you. I have been stuck in deciding which would be the best memorial for my beloved fur baby who just recently crossed the rainbow bridge.

  2. Thank you for warning me about choosing proper “Private” pet cremations. We’re the kind of family that values our pets very much, so we would want our dying pet cat’s ashes to be stored away with us in the best way possible so we can still have memorabilia of them. To achieve this, I’ll make sure I pick a cremation service that offers private pet cremations so no other ashes get mixed in with our cats.

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